What is a NSN (connection identification number) and where can I find it?

The NSN is important for us because it allows us to identify a line.

In some cases, you will find this on your rental contract or receive it from your old provider.

If you do not find out the NSN, we have 3 options to process your order:

  1.  Binding-ID:
    The binding ID is the so-called (line identification number). This begins with AC0.xxx.xxx.xxx.You have the following possibility to find out a binding ID:

    1) Please connect an existing router to the telephone socket according to the instructions.2) Connect a computer via LAN cable or a mobile phone via WLAN to the Fritz!Box.
    3) Open an internet browser (Chrome, Edge, Opera, Safari etc.) on the device and open any internet page. I suggest https://www.teleboy.ch/.
    4) If a message for activation appears here, please send us the "connection identification number" by e-mail after placing the order. You do this here.
    With this information we can identify the line.

  2. Reconnection:
    In order to use the internet, for example, as a first-time tenant (or there are no previous tenants), we have to carry out a new connection. In this case, we would connect to a new line and an electrician would have to be commissioned to transfer the line. As a rule, the electrician charges approx. CHF 150.00 for this. The transfer must be commissioned by you.

    Information on the procedure for a new connection:
    • At our request, we require your consent for the new connection to Teleboy.
    • We place the new connection in the system and request the data for the electrician from Swisscom, as the owner of the lines.
    • Swisscom sends us the technical data for the connection, which we forward to you.
    • You commission the electrician and give him the corresponding data for the transfer of the line. The electrician is commissioned by you.

      Important: Please do not commission an electrician before you have given us your consent for the new connection and have received the technical data for the electrician from us.

  3. Other previous tenant:
    If the NSN cannot be found via your previous tenant, this can also be done via other previous tenants (pre-previous tenants). You can obtain this information directly from your landlord or the administration itself.

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