Can a contract be transferred to another person?

We understand that situations such as moving, a new tenant wanting to take over your Internet connection or the desire to transfer the contract to your partner may give rise to this question. 

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to transfer the Internet subscription directly to another person.

If you would like to transfer your existing Teleboy contract to another person, proceed as follows:

  1. Cancellation of the current contract
    First, you must properly terminate the existing contract. This is a necessary step to clear the way for the new contract holder.

  2. Conclude a new contract
    The person who wants to take over the connection must then conclude a new contract at This ensures that all contractual conditions are clear and tailored to the new contracting party.

Tip before terminating and concluding a new contract

For DSL customers:
It is helpful to ask for the NSN (network connection number) in advance. This information makes the transition easier and ensures that we can identify the connection correctly. 
For fiber optic customers:
In this case, the OTO ID of the fiber optic socket is important. Similar to the NSN for DSL, the OTO ID enables us to identify the exact connection point in our network.

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