Where can I see the status of my number transfer / porting?

Currently, the porting status cannot be viewed in the customer cockpit. To find out the current status, please contact our support.


Porting will only start after the verification of your ID has been confirmed. Therefore, check your e-mails to see if there are any questions from the support team regarding the verification of your person.

As soon as the verification is completed, we will start porting your number.

Porting depends on several factors:

You have a subscription with a specific contract period with your previous provider.

  • Your subscription has expired with your existing provider. In this case, we can apply for your number porting immediately.
  • Your subscription with your existing provider is still running and you want to port your number. You have two options here:

  1. You wait until your minimum contract period has expired and your number will be ported regularly after your contract expires.
  2. You would like to port your number immediately in order to start your new subscription with Teleboy. In this case, we will arrange with your previous provider for an early termination and thus for the porting of your number. Please note that there may be costs for your previous provider.

Please note that incorrectly filled in information can also delay the porting. It is important here that the name of the current subscription holder must be given.

You have a prepaid number

To confirm your porting, we sent an SMS to your old number.

Please confirm the porting with "YES", to the number 499, by inserting the SIM card from your previous provider into a smartphone.

You can also confirm the SMS if there is no current credit on your prepaid card.

As soon as we have received the confirmation, we will start the number transfer.

Please note: Any remaining credit will be forfeited when the number is transferred.

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