As an Internet customer, you receive a pre-configured router as a free loan. Depending on the technology, these are:

DSLfino alla velocità 100 Mbit/sFritz!Box 7560 / 7530
DSL> 100 Mbit/s - 500 Mbit/sFritz!Box 7582 / 7583
Fibre AONfino alla velocità 1 Gbit/sFritz!Box 5530 AON / 5490
Fibre XGS-PONfino alla velocità 10 Gbit/sZyxel AX7501

If you want to know which technology is available at your address, please contact our support.

The information is without guarantee. We reserve the right to make changes.

As of June 2021: The selection of devices is continuously adjusted. Already shipped devices will not be exchanged within the contract period.