Yes, this is possible.

Before you can use your third-party remote with Teleboy, you need to set it up.

Setting up your third-party remote:


  1. In the settings, go to "Remote control and devices" and select "Learn remote control".
  2. Follow the learning steps that are described.
  3. In the first part you configure the standard buttons which you need for the general navigation of the Apple TV interface.
  4. In the second part the playback keys are configured. These are necessary for operating the player.
  5. Exit the settings after completing the configuration and enter the Teleboy application.
  6. Done! Now you should be ready to go.

Note for the operating keys:

  • Play / Pause / Stop are assigned for pausing and continuing the video stream.
  • The "Skip" commands are used to change stations.
  • Coiling is possible via the "Jump" buttons, a click is a jump, holding the button down will wind the program at a constant speed.
  • Note for Harmony users: The Logitech Harmony remote must not be preconfigured as an Apple TV remote, as in this case it is not possible to learn the playback buttons. We recommend that you set up the Logitech Harmony remote as a normal TV or Samsung TV remote for the Apple TV environment and then learn how to use it.

Note for Samsung TV users: Some models of Samsung TV remote controls have problems with the console buttons. These buttons automatically send a signal when pressed, so that the function is stopped. If the spooling with a Samsung TV remote control does not work properly after setup, we recommend using other buttons for spooling. The spool keys can still be assigned another function (jump coils or zapping).