Video Stream Flickering

When streaming video content, it may happen that the image flickers or stutters. This problem can have several causes and affects various devices such as computers, Apple TV 4, Android TV, and Samsung TV.

Here you will find summarized solutions for a smoother viewing experience.

General Tips to Fix Image Flickering

  • Check Your Internet Connection

Insufficient internet speed is often the reason for flickering video playback. For SD quality, you need a connection of at least 50 Mbit/s and for HD quality 100 Mbit/s. You can check the speed of your internet connection online.

  • Close Other Programs 

Other active programs can consume the computing power of your device. Close unnecessary applications to free up resources.

  • Improve Your Network Connection

A stable network connection is crucial. We recommend connecting your device via LAN cable if possible to avoid interruptions.

  • Activate Eco Mode 

Activating Eco Mode throttles the bandwidth of the streams to a conservative HD quality. This causes about 39% less data exchange while still providing excellent and smooth streaming quality. You can activate Eco Mode in the settings at

Specific Settings for Various Devices

  • Apple TV 4

If the image flickers, try manually setting the resolution to 720p50 or 1080p50.

  • Android TV & Samsung TV

Both devices offer the option to select "Automatic" under "Video Quality" in the settings. The stream automatically adjusts to temporary network disruptions, which should allow for a flicker-free experience.

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