Aufgrund einer Serverüberlasutung ist das TV Login und das Streaming aktuell nicht oder nur beschränkt möglich.

Wir prüfen aktuell die Ursache und suchen nach einer schnellen Lösung. Wir bitten noch etwas um Geduld.


Due to a server overload the TV login and streaming is currently not or only limited possible. We are currently checking the cause and looking for a quick solution. We ask for your patience.

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Android TV

How to install Teleboy on my Android TV
To do this, log in to your Android TV device with a Google account. Then you have two options: Go directly to our Google Play Store page and select...
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I have Chromecast with Google TV and can not find the Teleboy app
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My picture is juddering on Android TV
If your TV picture is juddering, you can go to Settings > Video Quality and set the option to Automatic. The stream will automatically adjust itself ...
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