Yes, if our service is available at your new address, you can take Teleboy Home with you. You can check availability here:

DSL is available at the new location

If there is a connection at the new location which we can take over, you can tell us the NSN number, the predecessor number or the name of the previous tenant. If there is no connection, you can inform us. In this case, you would have to call in an electrician to carry out the transfer.

Fiber optics available at the new location

Please check whether there is already a fibre optic box installed at your new address. If yes, give us the OTO-ID so that we can start the service.

In both cases you can send us an e-mail to with the new address, the new speed and the desired switch-on date. For DSL you can also give us the NSN number or predecessor number if required, for fibre optics the OTO-ID, if available.